Chris Christie WILL NOT Be the Republican VP Candidate

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JamesL, Jul 7, 2012.

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  2. increasingly looking like Rob Portman will be the VP candidate
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    The key to understanding Christie today is blood pressure.
  4. Anyone who would eat themselves to the size that Christie is clearly has impulse control issues, so this is not a surprise.
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    You can't say Christie shies away from a fight.
  6. Christie rejected a run for President because he said he wanted to finish his work in New Jersey.
    Now he says he is open to a VP role...
    Maybe he doesnt have what it takes to be President
  7. And I thought the kids from Jersey Shore were giving Italians a bad name these days.This glutton is becoming quite the embarrassment
  8. From comment section LOL!!!!!

    Um, if I was that obese I would not be making a point of any kind while holding an ice cream cone
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    I can't see picking on the man's weight.
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    Portman would be one of the more sensible choices and would benefit the ticket. I still view Romney as another throw away candidate just as McCain was. This election will be the last we hear of Romney as a candidate for president, but Portman may use this opportunity, if Romney gives it to him, to become more widely known in national politics. The strongest Republican candidates will surface in time for the 2016 lunatic show. The economy will still be in the dumps, and residential real estate will have just made or be making a bottom, unemployment will still be too high. The Republicans will fight tooth and nail for the nomination, as the anointed one will almost certainly gain the White House. It could be Portman as long as the crazy wing of the party doesn't sabotage him for not being nutty enough and he hasn't yet misspelled "potato" on national TV, molested any underage boys, propositioned his secretary, or abandoned a dying wife. If he gets the nomination, he will get good support from independents.

    Christy may throw his hat in the ring for the 2016 election, but he won't get the nomination and that will be the end of his presidential aspirations. If he works hard enough for the eventual candidate and delivers New Jersey's electors into Republican hands, he could get a cabinet appointment, but that's as far as his mouth -- in two ways--will permit him to go.
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