Chris Christie Steam rolls another Obama Zombie.

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Chris Christie Steam rolls another Obama Zombie, Jonathan Capehart just got killed.... LOL :D

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  2. Christie says he's glad to put it to a vote, but democrats don't want a vote. Christie and most state Republican lawmakers want gay marriage put to a popular vote. Democrats say gay marriage is a civil right protected by the Constitution and not subject to referendum.

    and: The 42-33 vote sends the bill to Christie's desk. The Republican governor who opposes gay marriage had promised "very swift action" if the bill passed both houses of the Legislature. The Senate approved the bill Monday.

    Point being, he just doesn't want to cross his party lines, even though his own legislators voted for it.

    IMO, why waste time on all this gay marriage stuff? Does it really affect anyone's personal life? If it does, well, makes one wonder why.

  3. Weak arguer, the Hannity and Combes model. Put a stumbler up there against a prosecuter. I would love to see Obama and Christie go at it, I think it would be fun.

    Christie might not be running because he is afraid of that scenario.:D
  4. pspr


    Every day this country gets a little more morally bankrupt. Liberals are circumventing the will of the majority and taking us all down with them.

    When Christie vetoes the gay marriage bill it will be a victory for sane and morally responsible individuals everywhere.
  5. Critical.

    I wonder, which state in the South would CR64 have passed by referendum. Christie is smart, he knows the nation is choc full of Homer's/Lucrum's.
  6. Brass


    Since the Republicans seem to be so open to the idea of referendums, perhaps there should be one to determine whether or not the rich should pay higher taxes.
  7. Lucrum


    Not for you it wouldn't Odumbo would easily be crucified by Christie, or Newt.
  8. +1 LOL !!!

  9. Obama would own them both.If Christie was so sure he would have steam rolled Obama he should have ran against him but rather then debate Obama face to face he would rather attack Obama on news shows
  10. Lucrum


    Wishful unrealistic thinking.

    OTOH Obama DOES own YOU.
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