Chris Christie is pissed with The GOP House

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    Chris Christie Calls 'Disgusting' Boehner's Decision to Yank Sandy Funds

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said today that it was "disgusting" that the House adjourned without voting on a $60 billion relief package for the victims of superstorm Sandy and put the blame squarely on a fellow Republican -- House Speaker John Boehner.

    Christie, who is considered a possible Republican presidential candidate four years from now, said there was "only one group to blame, the Republican Party and Speaker Boehner."

    The blunt talking New Jersey governor joined a chorus of Republicans from New York and New Jersey fuming over his decision to pull the bill at the last minute.

    Christie in an angry news conference decried the "selfishness and duplicity," the "palace intrigue," "the callous indifference to the people of our state."
  2. Everybody hates The GOP House,Obamas plan is working beautifully :D :D :D
  3. Christie has proven himself to be just another political hack. He's all about cutting waste, until the check is made out to him. Then it's, never mind, I need the money, and more money, and more money, and if there's billions being wasted, so be it.
  4. That's your next President, especially now that Hillary is sick.
  5. If he were just another political hack he wouldn't be calling out how disgusting The GOP has become
  6. Thanks for saying that. All we can do is wait for Obama to beat himself. He'll fuck up big time (when I don't know) but Obama will be the ruin of himself.

    Too bad Christie has to kiss Obama's ass. Christie can't rant on Obama. Good for boner not to take his calls.
  7. Hopping on the impeachment train now?
  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Not only will he end up ruining his own legacy, but it'll be decades before they elect another black man to the White House again. Every time a black man runs, we'll be reminded of Obama.
  9. Lucrum


    I thought you were hoping on the "I'm leaving ET at the end of the year" train?

    You still here?
  10. It's too much fun to watch you AOWM squirm for the next term. It is just too much fun!:D :D :D
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