Chppiest Trade I have Ever Seen

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Done for the day. This is untradeable for my style.
  2. Choppy? What are you trading? My chart of S&P 500 from last night is straight down.
  3. YM... when I see -900 TICKS and the YM drops 3 points then it goes to -700 TICKS and it goes up 10 points a little red flag goes off and I think... troubles a brewin and I'm gonna get nailed while short when the market turns. Also ADD is nailed to the floor and the market just keeps fighting hard.

    I made a bit of money on the short side today but feel its gonna end bad in a rally that I won't want to accept.
  4. I am short YM also but my timescale is a little longer than a day trade. I can understand the concern though. Being short these past few weeks in the afternoon has not been very fun with the whipsaw action.
  5. Yup... really stressful trade for me this morning. Got whipped hard a couple times and the action makes no sense. Seems to be no real sellers after more bad news... market pops because ABK may be getting an extra 500 million?!?! Market has become a joke/doesn't want to/can't go down any further.

    With the internals this weak it should be an easy money making day but my spidey senses are tingling that we close green again today.
  6. Yet the ET traders are up double digits this year? LOL Read the thread hows everybody in 2008, you get a glimpse in the minds of boasters..

  7. Very frustrating to trade. Bidu is up but weak market internals cannot take profits....positions sit there fr 3 weeks now!
  8. I'm having a fine day. You get 200 chances to make each entry and exit... it's no good for trend following tho.
  9. Do you ever stop crying like a 2 yr old??

    "Waaaa, the short sellers are taking this market down.....waaaaaaa there are traders who are making money and they must be lying waaaaaaaaaaa"

    Dude, Day7793, go to the drug store, pick up some Vagisil and put out the flame already.

  10. Well, gotta pull out the famous Ed Seykota quote "everyone gets what they want from the markets ".

    Day7793 wants to find things to bitch and complain about and the market happily accommodates him day after day. I don't think this will change for him unless he wants it to.

    edit: I am not making a slight against him, just observing human nature.
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