Choppy Markets

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jennifer7, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Jennifer7


    Can anyone tell me why the markets are so choppy? I trade the ES, for example, and trades that I used to get 4-5 points on, I'm now lucky to get 6 ticks on. I also have to use wider stops.
    I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with their comments/guesses on why this is happening and how long this phenomenon is likely to last.

  2. probably due to the fact that the FOMC is meeting tomorrow.

    single days here and there mean nothing.

    Summer can also get like this, but I doubt this summer will. lots of volatility i bet.
  3. please cut rates...
  4. 1) It's summer time.
    2) The Fourth of July is approaching.
    3) I have some of my black-boxes turned off today.
    4) Europe is on vacation.
    5) It'll be like "this" until Labor Day.
    6) Be willing to increase your position size and trade more frequently. :cool:
  5. Jennifer7


    Thanks Jayford. I know the FOMC Rate Decision is Wednesday, but I was really talking about ES choppiness over the past 6 or 8 months.