Choppy markets today - getting whipsawed to death ... :-(

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Harry, Sep 28, 2001.

  1. Harry


    Anyone doing better ?
  2. jskeldon


    today is low volume, end of quarter, similar to summer trading, best not to trade perceived breakouts or breakdowns, but instead trade ie sell 4 period high MA buy 4 period low MA, on a slower moving liquid type stock like INTC
  3. GaretJax


    I was up $1000+ after 3 trades and they I was locked out by the 25K rule. I thought it started on monday. Hopefully my IB futures account will be approved soon so I can trade e-minis.

  4. Harry


    Thanks for the tip - but I'm trying not to trade that short term - it seems not to be my market today ;-)
  5. Are you locked out for 90 days?
  6. Harry


    What strategy ? I mean for up $1000 ;-)
  7. I had an okay day, but I quit early because of software problems. I took GILD, BGEN, AMGN, and ADRX short on a sky-scraper setup - did okay on those. I also took a whopping 24 cents from QQQ on the short side.

    I had a ton of problems with the new version of RealTick today, so I said enough is enough and quit trading.

    Have a great weekend everyone,

  8. Satan


    my account is roughly $25,000. using some margin, i'm up about $2,000 in the last 2 days. all trades are swing trades to the long side.
  9. Harry


    @Sniper Trader
    Hope, you get your software-problems fixed - ADRX was quite a pick !
  10. Harry


    Hey, great - I'm mostly trading the big Nasdaq stocks - so the Index doesn't move today - the stocks aren't moving ...
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