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    Guys are always asking me about who is hiring or good trading firms to work for. Well, here you go.
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    I interviewed there. Seems like a chill environment. The owner actually had his dog in the office when I was there which I thought was interesting lol.

    Got the the second round and got the boot, seemed like they were looking for more quant oriented people. The first interview involved a test full of brainteasers. Seeing as how I had never done any brainteasers it probably didnt help! Be prepared for that!
  3. I dont get it. Sounds no different than most other reputable groups in Chicago. What am I missing here?
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    Yes buy everyone complains there are no "real" prop firms out there or no one is hiring. I get 10 e-mails a week asking me where they should trade. I don't get it either.
  5. lol I'm with you maverick. Mass confusion out there about trading your own capital vs trading job...i think the young kids (18-24) just don't get it since they have no real world experience
  6. Its companies like this that will develop true traders. You have almost no chance of becoming successful by joining a firm that doesnt have a training/mentoring program. A senior trader that will bestow upon you how the trading game really works. You will lose money and not be profitable for the first 9 months so you must a firm that stands behind you.

    Kershner Trading Group is also another firm that is actively hiring. Same model. Hired by a senior trader, backed by firm. Spent 4yrs there as a Senior Trader. These places develop real traders. Then once your established go prop and get paid 99%.
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    good model. it should not take 4 years to develope a trader. way too long

    if someone has the abilites . they should be profitable within 12 months

    most will washout in there first 6 months anyway . trading is not everyone
  8. It took me 7months. I traded with them for 4yrs. Became a Senior trader and had several traders under me. Got fed up with the $2200 a month in fees and the 65% payout....... So I left.
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    that is a tough pill to swallow. high fees or lousy payout. ouch

    however you made it to be profitable which may be worth it for some
  10. you have a better chance, but ultimately the firm you trade with makes little difference, it's all about your experiences and personal perception of the market. a good trader is firm-neutral and can adapt to different institutional setups
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