Chopiness out the a$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by janko, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. janko


    is everyone getting chopped to hell this morning or is it just my fine trading skills??? geeezzz, NQ, ES, are just all over the place, and this is after the 10am frenzy. ouch. reversal bars left and right. maybe taking an early weekend might not be a bad idea.
  2. u130747


    Again Chop suey

    Bert:D :D
  3. janko


    3 trades later and the NQ still doesnt want to give me my money back!!!:(
    whats up with that!!! not even a point!!!
    thats it, you win. im outta here:confused:
  4. ddefina


    This market has a fire under it? Time to pop the shorts I guess
  5. Only today??!! All WEEK for me. chop chop
  6. Hope you guys didnt walk away and miss that breakout. Patience is a traders best friend.
  7. Really. There was a nice 20-point NQ and a 9-point ES run there.
  8. janko


    this mkt reminds me of the same type of rally we had about a year ago. gaps were left all over theplace and didnt fill until a couple of months ago. i got the short bias in me, but this mkt has some more gas in it. so tempting to go against the trend, but that handed me my a$$ today!!!
  9. I see a lot of people on this board complaining about choppiness, etc. and cussing the market. This is a losing attitude. The market chops a lot. That is well known. If this bothers you, quit trading. I cannot remember a day that there has not been a least one good trade and that is all you can ask for.