"Chop wood, carry water"

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  1. OK. It finally sank in this morning that I have a reliable modest winning system. Not going to own the world, even at today's prices, because it has finite scalability. And if I got too greedy and become too obvious "they" could queer the deal. Have to stay below the radar. So I have this tidy supplement to my Unsociable Insecurity benefits and my pitiful fixed incorporeal retirement. What to do with a minor windfall? I could probably afford to live anywhere that wasn't glam that I wanted to. Certainly could move to Tucson to the old slummy part of town and look for some other old geezer who trades to bullshit with, but how could I be sure he really trades? Might could even afford to move to lower MannyHatty to one of those lofts where they just ran the rats and cockroaches off, and jive-ass with ET's self-proclaimed trading stars, but I kinda think they mought not be what they claim to be. Collectibles, maybe? Got the baseball card equivalent of every stripper from the '50s. And all 525 Scarlatti sonatas. And every lute CD recorded in the last 25 years. And more ex's than I can afford. Wild sex? Christ, I would need a continuous intravenous Niagara drip of Viagara direct into the target site, kinda awkard for whatever working girl I hired to work around. Great booze? Already floated the battleship, and besides, I can't trade for shit hung over, not to mention that it counteracts the effects of the Levitra suppository and the Cialis snuff, just a pinch under the foreskin. Fuck it! I think I'll just hang around here and keep hairassin' ET!
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    I see you've found me, but I'm a "she" not a "he", and you can never be sure if I really trade...
  3. Didn't know I was looking. I had a certain other old Tucson geezer in mind. You know him? Any houses for sale nearby his? I'm sure he could use a buddy during RMH to help him avoid trading. If you don't trade either, you could join us. Equal opportunity bullshitting.
  4. So, r u b4 mastery, or after mastery?
  5. The universe is holotropic. All that was, is. All that will be, is already. I was a winner before. I will be a loser in the future. Only the ratio has changed in the now. Elevation to gurudumb is next.
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    Great thread title Mr Deco...

    Those are the things that need to be done.

    "If you understand, then things are just as they are. If you do not understand, then things are just as they are"
  7. Thanks, Horny! Just for you I am still funding Joe Doaks to reduce SCT to 20 lines of code. Almost there! That would be about ten more than what I am using now, haha!

    Siddhatta Gautama said: "Fletchers make straight the arrow. Irrigators lead the water where they will. Carpenters shape the wood. Wise men shape themselves."

    In all immodesty, I say "Wise traders develop their own systems." Not that I am trying to make a point.
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    Yes, so true, and remember, today is the first day of the rest of the entropy...

    I'm an old geezer in So. Cal, if I ever get off the simulator, and my unemployment did finally run out sort of, actually they started bothering me about looking for a job so I figured I'd stop sending in the little forms before they asked for their money back.. where was I..old geezer.. simulator, Art [You don't mind if I call you Art?]... anyhow, in the past I never found work until my unemployment ran out and apparently that "character" trait has followed me into my retirement years... if I hit the big time and go get a house in Malibu to use for an office, I'll PM you and you can come by.... but if it was me, I'd put a higher priority on talking to NoDoji...
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    When I first met traders in ET's chat room and told them I was in Tucson, they asked if I was JH's neighbor. "How would I know?" I replied. And the answer had something to do with a llama.

    I've yet to locate the llama that will lead me to trader Jack's, but have never once given up hope.
  10. Huit, thank you for that thought, but I neither anticipate nor fear entropy, as I have died many times and come back whole and know for a fact it is a crock. Well, knowledge is lost each time, but a few dates with loose women and that is quickly restored. You have my utmost admiration for enduring the Nazi CA workfarce commission. As a young geezer I was laid off (strange expression that, you would think that would be akin to getting off) in SoCal in '03 (this century), and I luxuriated in the full 24 weeks of worthlessness, some of it spent on the terrace of Molloy's sucking down happy hour pitchers and watching the nubile cuntlets rollerblade by on Pier Avenue ("Who's Aqualung over there?", they'd mutter). As to NoDoji, I have a visceral fear of all things Japannies, as in my most recent life I was shot down in the Pacific and did make the swim home. If I had been Harry Truman I would have waited a few more months until we had more bombs and Japan would still be glowing. And I would have turned the internment camps into soap factories to benefit the war effort. In my alternate history, MacArthur fancied himself the modern Scipio Africanus and declared "Nippon delenda est!" But I digress, from what, I have forgotten. But I do remember George Santayana's most famous dictum, whereas I fear most of the rest of the world does not.
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