Chop and flat days

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  1. Are there any good techniques out there for deciding when to stay out?
  2. You mean a good technique in order to predict the future? Hmmmm let me think!!!
  3. Here's a few things I use for the YM:

    -If the moving averages are FLAT (9/20 EMA)
    -If advance/declines are between -200 and +200
    -Candles. If we've been in a narrow sideways pattern for hours

    If any of these things are present, I wont even trade. Or I'll wait for a break out. And of course you should always look at relative volume.

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  4. Lots of opportunity on choppy days but you have to turn your indicators off and go with the flow.
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    John Carter discusses it in his book. One of the ways to identify a chop is to put bollinger bands (20, 2) and keltner channel (1.5, 20) on any chart, and when both BB get inside keltner channel it is chop.
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    on the ES, if it opens inside yesterdays range and volume is less then about 150k contracts total in the first 35-45 min. of RTH, then it usually means big players are not around (yet) and ES will probably get pushed around by the locals on the floor of the big S&P.....but that can/will change in an instant as soon as size moves in.

    i look at other things as well, but none that i can share here.
  8. Volatility Analysis and those days you call chop or flat usually have a couple of good moves for a few points before reverting back to the chop or flat price behavior.

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  9. Thanks for the good tips folks.
  10. What are you using for volatility analysis?

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