Choosing appropriate leverage via CFDs

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  1. TKshadow


    This is my first post so apologies if the formatting is incorrect or it is in the wrong place.

    I'm looking to enter a couple of CFD positions.

    The issue I have is the initial margin on most positions is 20% i.e. 5X leverage. Is there a way I can reduce the leverage, to say, 2X. I'd then look to scale if the position goes my way.

    I appreciate this may be platform specific, I'm using SaxoBank.

  2. say33


    100 (your capital) x 2 (your leverage) / 5 (CFD's leverage) = 40

    You invest only 40% of your capital (20% on each of 2 positions).
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  3. TKshadow


    Thanks. Just wanted to check a couple of things:

    1. As a further example If I want 2X leverage on a single CFD it would be (my capital) x (leverage desired) / (CFD leverage)
    2. How do you actually implement only risking the desired percentage of capital on the platform. For example, stock X = $60.00 Initial margin available = $1,000 (say). Let's say I wanted 4 CFDs then this is $240.00 notional value. Assuming a margin requirement of 20% this position would need $48.00 of margin, but then that's still 5X leverage. Perhaps, it's the platform I'm on, but I can't see any option where I can risk any less than that to lower it down to where I'd be 2X levered...
    Obviously, I understand that you'd usually use leverage to get a notional position greater than your deposited margin, but for examples sake I went with the above.

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  4. Peter8519


    If the trade decision is flawed, leverage won't work. If the trade decision is solid aka good, with a little patient, one will be filthy rich even without leverage.
  5. TKshadow


    I don't mind using leverage as long as it's done sensibly and you don't take excessive risk.