Choosing a Streaming Quote/Charting Service

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  1. js1257


    I have never heard of MurreyMath. Where can I find some info on it. Do you run the retracement figures/lines by applying them from the fib number tool?
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  2. Jeffrey



    Here is a link to MM.

    In Mr. Murrey's words, If you can not make this system work, it is because of pychological damage from childhood, and your current personality. Ten percent or less of seminar attendees are successful.

    The feature that Qcharts has that nobody else has, as far as I know, is the retracement tool. Go to Draw/Preferences/Retracement Tab

    There are eight displays with three values you can enter.
    1. The percentage of the retracement
    2. The color of the line
    3. The thickness of the line

    I sent a picture of what I need to ensignsoftware, and they didn't look at it. Just told me to go for the 30 days free trial. So if ensignsoftware user is out there, is there a retracement tool that provides eight displays, and three values for each display?

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  3. vikana

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    For realtime streaming qutoes on stocks and commodities I have found eSignal to be the most reliable.

    I have tried, which constantly has outages, delayed data, servers down etc - not recommended. Back in 1996/98 I used AT Financial (Major Attitude) and found that unreliable as well. Every time I've switched from eSignal (it's fairly expensive) I've always come back.

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  4. 4jays



    What are you using as a comparison when you say e-signal is expensive? $69.00 plus ECN Fees and Level II totals out to approx. $79.00/mo. Sounds good to me! Where is that kind of data feed for less money?
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  5. vikana

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    4jays: the only real complaint is that the $59/mo price only includes 50 symbols and limited historical intra-day data. If you want up to 500 symbols and futures it's $130 plus exchange fees (which I consider expensive). You also have to pay $50/mo for Level II to DBC unless you prepay annually. is $79/mo with no symbol limits, free stock-futures and a year or more of intra-day data. The problem with Qfeed is (obviously) that it isn't realiable.

    At the end of the day, eSignal is still the best value.

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  6. 4jays



    There are many providers charging 30 to 50 dollars/mo. for Level II but give it to you free if you pay anually. That is no great hurdle and it is prudent to pay anually in thoes cases. DBC does put a limit on historical intraday but I don't understand your problem with the (at one time)limit of 50 equities. I simply can't effectively track more than 3 or 4 charts during the trading day and my daily Focus Stock list is usually no more than 15 to 20 stocks. If I ever needed to change the stocks I watched, on a daily basis, I reset my data base (via the manager) to contain up to 50 of the stocks I was interested in. To me, an unlimited data base is only useful if you want to do a market scan and e-signal does not provide that function (sorry to say).

    As far as qfeed is concerned, they have expanded their server farms and there are some good servers in their arsenal. The problem appears to be with the design of the default server selection algorithm used in QCharts and RavenQuote. If you do a comprehensive job of scanning the discussion boards, you will find a few qfeed users who are unaware of all the severe problems flying around the boards. That is most likely due to fact that they do not use the default server selection feature of their software. No doubt, there is a problem with qfeed but there are work arounds that are effective in allowing traders to do the thing they do best. When things happen that people don't understand, they sometimes panic, rape, pillage, and burn!
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  7. jperl


    I have an account with DATEK. They provide Level II for $10.00/month. I also use for real time charts which uses the DATEK feed(or any other feed you like). It's free. It has a complete set of technicals to plot as well as Fib retracement. So my total cost for LEVEL II and real time charts is $10.00/month.
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  8. Babak


    it really depends on what you want. If you are into real time trading and need charting/LII then I would steer you away from TSPro and WoW. WoW is simply not a good enough platform for real time intra day trading. It might be good for end of day trading, maybe. TSPro has gone berserk these past few weeks/months. They say it is because of upgrade problems. I don't believe them as they upgraded this past weekend and I signed up for a trial last week (before the trial) and was having tremendous difficulty with lagging time/sales, and charts taking minutes to load initially.

    I would say RealTick 7.2 is a solid platform. I have no opinions on others. Good luck in your search.
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  9. tntneo

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    Another alternative not mentioned :
    I never tried them, but it seems affordable. For a backup maybe it is interesting.

    I use AIQ and ESignal+Ensign so I can't tell you much more.

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  10. mjt


    I've tried Alphatrade. It's been a while, so I don't remember the specifics. I just remember being very disappointed. I guess you get what you pay for.
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