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    I just discovered a series of articles on choosing a streaming quote/chart service by Mark Ingebretsen posted on I am in the process of choosing a service so I am very interest in finding sound information. I would appreciate comments on these articles from participants on this thread.

    The most recent article in the series is High-End Quote Platforms for Serious Traders. It contains links to all articles in the series.

    I have read all messages on this thread and appreciate everyone who has taken the time to post their opinions and experiences.

    I have no connection to Ingebretsen or

    Good trading.

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    The review you cited must have been directed to newbies with little, if no, daytrading experience. I signed up for the WindowOnWallstreet(WOW) (the #1 contender) and lasted one day before backing out of the trial. I explained that their browser-based, java push technology package is more comprehensive than ScottTrade, Datek, eTrade, Ameritrade, and other "Online Brokers" but it was basically just as slow and not meant for the "active" trader. I used to subscribe to DBC (using their e-signal 6.0 software) and my data feed was bullet fast and the available info. and features absolutely pulverize WOW. And! DBC's data feed is $69.00 and some odd cents per month, if paid by the year. Only a fool would not pay by the year. The rep. at WOW agreed with me that this particular package was not for an active trader. He refered me to another service (another division of TradeStation Pro) which employs a, windows based, TradeStation Pro real time charting and backtesting TA package w/datafeed for $299.00/mo. In a couple of months, they will offer full Direct Access Brokerage facilities so everything can be done with one vendor, one software package. The rep. also explained that the $299.00 TradeStation Pro subscription will be waived if you make 50 or more trades/mo. Don't know if this helped you out and I don't know where you would classify yourself between "active trader" and "investor". Personally, I found this service lacking in the "professional" department.
  3. Jim, what chart service do you currently use? I am having nothing but trouble with and would like to find a reliable charting service. Thanks
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    El. Are you looking for a RealTime or End-of-Day (EOD) charting package? Are you looking for a Direct Access Broker which incorporates real time charting? Do you sit in front of your monitor all day looking to jump on short trends? Please describe your trading style so I will have some framework to respond from.

    I don't know what charting package you now use. You said you use for your data feed. These discussion groups are full of flustered, scattering q-feed users ( From my observations, the problems being experienced with RavenQuote, QCharts, and others utilizing the q-feed data signal, the fault lies in the way these packages select its server. I know of at least one charting package that has had little or no problem with q-feed.

  5. I'm using qcharts package for real time charts and prints. I am in the process of changing from Scottrade to IB for a broker. I actually like qcharts WHEN they work... I notice that when their charts are down my streamer from Scottrade is down as well. They may both be using the q feed. Thanks
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    Qcharts has a feature that I can not find elsewhere.
    I use point and click with a broker.

    I draw retracement lines(100% divided by 8) I shift, and drag this trading octave to fit the current price action.
    I know when I will enter and at what price. I know at what price I will exit.

    I shorted 1000 shares ITWO yesterday at 25
    Today I coverd 50% at my first Profit Target 21.88
    My next PT's are 20.31, and 18.75

    I miss out on trading because of the data feed issues. I don't own more than two positions at a time, so I can manage those positions by watching their current quote.

    I am very dependent on this feature. A have tried to other vendors who have said they could do what I need, but then I find they they can't. Metastock Pro says that they can draw these lines, but I don't want to spend $1,500 dollars, download, setup, etc., just to find out that it does not meet my needs.

    I wonder why Qcharts is, apparently, the only service that provides this feature? Please let me know if anyone uses this feature for their trading. And alternative charting service

    Look at how I trade, and how I need to draw retracement lines with accompanying prices, with the following link. Plays/i2 Technologies- Inc. (NM)- Daily.jpg
  7. Jeff, where did you come up with this strategy: "I draw retracement lines(100% divided by 8) " ??? Thanks
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    MurreyMath Trading System

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    I know nothing about q-feed except what I've been told by system engineers and all I know about them can be found in my posts above. I do know first hand that EnsignWindows, which can be found at, can draw lines in almost any configuration one might imagine. Ensign uses e-signal and DTN data feeds and both have a long, proven track record of stability and reliability. I can't imagine letting this server farm problem continuing much longer....they are loosing customers in droves!
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    4jays, thanks for your reply to my request for responses to the article. I am a newbie so I don't understand everything you said yet. May have more questions for you after I have time to study it -- may be in a few weeks. Good trading.

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