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    I don't under all the chat about "only making $5000 a month.

    RE: $5000 per month trading profits

    If you're trading a proven system with little drawdown and a margin of $780 on eminis. Then at $2,000 or $2,500 per contract to be safe, and doing over 30 points a week, it takes no time to compound to almost any income you'd like.

    Pick a number! I feel comfortable with 8 lots. You do the math.

    Going shopping now:) :) :)

    Happy Holidays
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    Your reminding me of the jogger I saw on the freeway today.
  3. So how many emails are you getting about people asking you what you are doing? Everyone of your posts is basically saying the same thing but worded a little differently. How much does your holy grail website cost every month that you are trying to advertise but in a subtle way? Maybe that is where you are making your money to go shopping with.
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    I don't thik these are unreasonable numbers to start with.

    The real problem imo is that most daytrading systems I know do not scale well at all (even 10 contracts introduce substantial slippage.)

    Also, as the stakes increase, so does the risk, and therefore, so does my hesitation to trade large numbers of (say, more than five) contracts.
  5. oh man here we go again.i suggest you and alphi compare
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    In the e-mini's?

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    If you have a scalp type system that never has a losing day , then sure .. that can work.
  8. lol
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    Just lucky enough to have found the "jogging lane". Done correctly, anything is possible!!

    I'm always glad to share just email me - my response is not postable.

  10. Is that because it is an advertisement?
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