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    With the merger of REDI and ARCA. What is going to happen with these two great trading platforms (rediplus and realtick)? Are the two parent companies merging or the ECNS?

    What about the ECN fees? What will be the symbol of the new ECN?

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  2. It is my understanding (and I will know more this month after my meetings in NYC) that the ECN's will remain autonomous, at least for now. Since ARCA is more of a hybrid ECN (with manual over-ride, viewing of orders by certain parties, etc. - which is not necessarily a bad thing since they add liquidity), they may stay that way.

    As far as the merging of the actual platform abilities, I think that will be an ongoing upgrade which we are looking forward to. I will post up the latest news as I get it.
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    Based on the conference call when they announced the merger (there's a link to this recorded call somewhere on the web, but I'm not sure where), it sounds like this is going to happen:
    There will only be one ECN, it will be called REDI but it will use the ARCA technology with enhancements brought by the Redi ECN team - so a best of both worlds situation. In terms of platforms, Redi is supposed to stay the same. I didn't realize that Realtick was part of the deal... that wasn't mentioned on the conference call so I can't comment on that.
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  4. there's been talk about new software becoming available at Echotrade...does anyone know more about it?
    screen shots?
    features, etc?
    when it'll be out?
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  5. Echo is keeping everything under wraps till contacts are all signed and majority of bugs worked out.
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