Choose Bright or Echo?

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  1. The $35 may apply to the first situation (it does depend on where you sit on the sliding scale of fees, i.e. .75 or.80 or whatever).

    All traders may request higher per trade limits after their 30 day evaluations are submitted and reviewed (and again after 90 day evaluations). We see what type of trading they are doing, and evaluate risk, ability, profitability, etc.

    $25 for the 10,000 shares.

    The first question is beyond our control, yet we are pretty sure that we can get some "relief" soon from the NYSE.

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    I just checked the latest broker ratings on Bright trading vs Echo.
    Wow, what a difference!
    Echo has 100% good
    Bright has 37% good, 67% bad rating.
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    Checked the latest broker ratings where? A magazine, website, this site??

    Not much weight to it without documentation of some type. Post a link or some additional info.

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  6. Once Bright starts providing a remote-trading capability (and I believe this is in the pipeline) then Echo and Bright will be more directly comparable.
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  7. You have to be kidding! If I were to ask a few hundred of my traders to log on and respond to the survey here we would be at 100% as well. Anyone doing any comparison shopping certalnly would no rely on something as silly as a website survey that can be easily padded. What next....Wade Cook courses have value?

    Echo is fine, and we have gotten past the silly debates on this board, and I have even forgotten about the "survey" - and more importantly we stress that every new trader check the facts before joining any firm. The recruiting practices of many firms are questionable at best, and some down right irritating, but in the case of Echo we are not the least bit conerned (since both companies are very similar).

    I suggest that anyone checking out firms do this:

    1. Check the financial viability of the firm by seeing their financial statements.
    2. Be sure that the "owners" have a lot of capital involved ($10 Million minimum in our case).
    3. Compare all costs.
    4. Check their relationship with their clearing firm (we have been with ours since 1978).

    All the basics apply.....let's chat about trading and making money, and when you're in the market for a Prop firm, let's chat in person or on the phone.

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  8. Well made points Don... you have said it better than I could have... I agree with you fully regarding the contents of your above post...
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  9. I agree with Don about the validity of these broker rating posts . I recall specifically this one post which detailed all the bad experiences that he/she experienced with Bright. He/She said that REDI goes down all the time, it is slow,etc. Most of his/her assertions were simply not true.

    I have been using REDI since 1999 both as a customer with a broker/dealer and most recently with Bright as a remote trader for the past 1.5 years. While there have been occasional outages(what system does not?), it has been pretty stable,except for a couple of weeks post Sept 11. With 1 cable modem powering my 2 computers, the REDI quotes are faster than, AT financial and esignal.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Disclaimer: Other than being a Bright trader who makes/losses $ basis my OWN trading, I receive no $ from anyone. I wish I did!!!
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  10. Thanks Candle....feels good to hear some good words (especially from you). :)
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