Choose Bright or Echo?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by exce26, Nov 1, 2001.

  1. JK9, I was wondering how long have you been trading? And for how long have you used each platform.

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  2. JK9


    You never answer the tough questions do you? Every single reply you make totally ignores the point of what you are replying to. In my 1/9/02 post I refuted two statements you made with two questions of my own and you ignored them both. If that's being a man then I'd rather not be.

    And as for anonymity, no one held a gun to your head to not use an alias. You can either respect other's rights to anonymity or you can move to another medium besides message boards.
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    Don, There are numerous platforms that offer useful proprietary functionality. Some examples were in my previous post regarding Greybox. I'm sure your "group of software professionals" will find them if they really evaluate each platform as you say they do, as opposed to just going to the platform vendor's web site to "see what's new."
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  4. Bryan Roberts

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    thanks for the info....i'm familiar with blackwoods' web site, it does sound like a good platform. i know nothing about hold bros. have you ever heard of flex trade or belzberg?


    i think the reason you are not as tech wary as some others is that you don't trade nasdaq......where it makes a much bigger difference than trading those easy listed issues. wink wink
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    Hi Predictor, I've been trading since 1989 and have had several instances of hands-on experience with Greybox, Realtick, REDI, Blackwood, Watcher and others, in addition to knowing several traders who use each platform day-in/day-out. From testing each platform and soliciting comments I've found that for shear execution speed and flexibility, Greybox is the best in the business right now. Currently I use Realtick--only because my trading methodology is longer-term and not speed dependent.
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    Bryan, Flextrade is a great institutional, automated, platform for number crunchers but absolutely horrible (in my view) in terms of user-friendliness. Belzberg is another institutional product with minimalist order entry features and minimal decision support tools. Neither of these platforms are designed for rapid-fire manual order entry.
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  7. You have a point, the guys trading Nasdaq need all the help they can get :)

    I do rely heavily on my Nasdaq experts for the software features however, and since we are now embracing Nasdaq traders (and proprietary remotes), I am doing my best to stay up with the pack.
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    again, thanks for the info.
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  9. bigbear


    How tough are the current market conditions? I know a firm just went under and wonder how revenues are? Not sure if you care to share this info but I am curious.
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  10. exce26



    Is it correct that the SEC charges an additional fee on shares 2100 to 5000 when professionals (retail also ?) trade ?

    Is this is so, what is that fee ?

    With BT's maximum cost of $25.00 per trade, and me wanting to put on 3500 shares, is it cheaper to trade twice (2000 shares and then 1500 more) for a commission cost of $35.00, or one trade of 3500 shares for a cost of $25.00 plus the above mentioned fees ? I'm trying to figure where the break point is in this fee structure.

    What guidelines do you have for allowing Bright traders to go above 4999 shares (which I was told is set as default on the Redi machines) ? .... $$$ in their account, time with the firm, ????

    What is the exact commision & other fees for people trade 10,000 shares? ($25 or $50.....?)

    Appreciate your help.

    (This thread is from past, but this is the exact same question I wanna ask)
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