Choose Bright or Echo?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by exce26, Nov 1, 2001.

  1. Speculator has some great points, thanks for bringing them up.

    Let's get back to trading...whether on Redi or some other platform....:D
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  2. Bryan Roberts

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    sorry, i just get tired of the lies and misinformation that don spews every once and awhile. he has gotten much better recently and he should get credit for it. but when he gets off track he needs to be corrected. i'm sure you don't have a problem with seem reasonable.
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  3. exce26


    Does Bright charge exchange fee above 2000shares?
    Does Bright allow only upto 4900shares per each security?
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  4. Exchange fees apply to everyone. BT does not charge anything additional.

    Of course we do not limit 4900 shares per trade, that would not be in anyones best interest. Brand new traders have their computers set there for a while so they don't accidently hit 5000 when they mean to hit 500.
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  5. JK9


    "Since the platforms used are such a small part of actual trading performance, to argue about them is kind of silly."

    Don you’ve got to be kidding. Besides Gene, who has argued more for REDI+ that YOU??? In my opinion, not only are you a living contradiction but you are completely and utterly obtuse with respect to trading technology. And I couldn't give a damn about message board etiquette. I am just sick and tired of you denigrating the value of competing platforms and vaulting almighty REDI to the kingdom of greatness with no attempt whatsoever to camouflage your self-interest.

    The only people I know who consider REDI+ as anything other than tolerable are owners of broker-dealers who are stuck using it. I haven't seen anything in the latest version of REDI+ that suggests Goldman (even with all it’s billions) has done anything to notably better this platform. So tell me, Mr. Technology, what specific features could possibly make REDI+ the best available platform???

    If you really think the effect of trading platforms are negligible you either don't trade with frequency (200+ trades/day), or are attempting to deflect the bad press REDI has received on this board. In either case, I can't accept your unsubstantiated technology "wisdom" as anything other than another Don Bright commercial.
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  6. Bryan Roberts

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    you obviously seem to know about trading platforms....what do you consider the best??? i've used several including redi...what am i missing? do they have smart order entry and automated spread capabilities? i'm afraid to say but i'm behind the curve in this area but i'm trying to learn!!!!
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  7. Well, gee seems that we have hit a nerve here. Jan 2002 member, first post, and an arrow slung in my direction. Well, if you would like to discuss the profitability of what I use vs. what you use, then unmask yourself, be a man (or a woman, and try to maintain proper etiquette), and let's discuss it. Show me your sheets, and I will show you mine. I thank you for allowing me an equal position as Gene, who I feel is a true gentleman and excellent trader.
    And thanks for the opportunity, with your first post, you make it much easier for me to lood good with another "Don Bright Commercial" number is 800.249.7488 - and I will be happy to take your call to discuss trading platforms. If you prefer to maintain your anonymity, I will understand....

    Good Luck
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  8. Bryan, we have disagreed a couple of times in previous posts, but I would like to thank you for asking the questions above...and in the vein of open discussion, I submit the following.

    I use a dual screen Redi, with hot keys, direct links, active-x spread sheet for automated opening orders, running tape, and enjoy having to not wait for a "re-packager" to get the data to me. Since Redi gets their quotes direct from SIAC, I feel comfortable having the most direct feeds.

    There are a couple of people in firms that do not use Redi who are over-emphasizing their software (and I am not saying it is not good, it is probably great, but it is not all that much different or better than any other...much like Indy-500 cars in their effectiveness). I am guessing that these proponents are simply pushing the software for effect, not for substance.

    Anyway, the above is what I use, and I am doing fine.
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  9. JK9


    Bryan, In my estimation, for pure order entry, Greybox (by Hold Brothers) currently tops the list.

    In part it offers:

    * All integrated ECN books with 100% direct connections and direct data feeds
    * The best hotkey functionality available
    * A host of innovative order types
    * A very fast order entry preference box
    * Custom one-key smart-orders
    * Built-in custom basket-trading

    Blackwood Pro (by Blackwood Trading) is a close second. Since platforms are somewhat touchy-feely and all have their own unique features, the answer partly depends on whether a particular platform has something special that meets your specific trading needs. Nonetheless, in terms of overall features, speed, and functionality, these two systems are about the best currently available.
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  10. Good input, JK9. About every 6 months or so, we have a group of software professionals go around and evaluate the latest software available at various firms. We have tested Blackwood (rated good), and we have people evaluating a couple of others currently (including the Hold Bros). We do not operate in a vaccuum here, and we want to be sure that if something is giving traders an "edge" that we incorporate the features into our platforms. There is really nothing offered exclusively that we have seen to date, just different appearances and accessability. We are all limited as to what can be done by the NASD and the NYSE (and the ECN infrastructure).

    We are afforded the luxury of having some of the World's best programmers at our disposal (through Goldman and SLK), and we have often brought them to task when we found it necessary to do so.

    I would appreciate any specifics from anyone as to what they find to be of extreme value so we can look into it. I thank all of you in advance.
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