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  1. chonnalls
  2. spx
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  3. large channel during globex hours...
    .... how interesting...
  4. ...broke 75% level on downward channel...
    ... 790 is measured move
  5. hughb


    Sometimes I read a thread and go, "WTF???"

    This is one of those times.

    I'm willing to bet that this thread landed in chit chat after originating somewhere else.
  6. needs to consolidate inside the big channel

  7. Could be wrong, but it might have started here, like the op's "garbage" thread.

    I like the charts, but it only makes sense on an ongoing basis of assessment.
    Forward-looking, and ongoing price reading.

    Channels arent for everyone, nor is my bizarre and pointless method of technical analysis-which is why i dont bother anymore.
    Why this guy is bothering, is beyond me, but , they are pretty charts.
  8. ddd
    ... to those who wish to post here socially... please remember that this forum is not designed for your benefit
  9. which is real and which a figment of our imagination :D
  10. ... TRAding hours...

    ... back on lower wall
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