Chonkore's 0.6% daily gain quest

Discussion in 'Journals' started by chonkore, Feb 5, 2006.

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    I know small but persistent gains goes a long way. So I am looking to accumulate my capital little by little, with growing confidence and discipline.

    I started actively trading April 05. It took me 7 months and two traders to realize how important that small but persistent gains and deep discipline are for a trader. The two disastrous trades last year were long SNDA and short ESRX that ruined my profits and lead me into negative zone. Anyway, I am confident that I am on the way recovering my capital and towards much positive this year.

    I know my goal of 0.6% is aggressive because that means 13% gain monthly or 300% gain yearly. So far I only realized 0.3%. But I am confident that I evently will reach my goal.

    I will start posting daily PNL here as a record, as well stimulating myself to be more persistent and disciplined.
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    Today's gain makes average daily gain to be above 0.4%. Working towards 0.6%
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  4. Opra


    Hi Chonkore,

    Well done. Keep it up.

    Question for you: do you trade rebound only?

    Thanks in advance.

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    For now, yes, I look for uptrending and oversold stocks for trading. My holding time frame is at most one week, mostly 1-2 days.

    This is because my capital is not big enough for relatively long term holding and I need aggressively, yet consistent growth.
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    Ok, chickened out on these two stocks. Could have done better.
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    Improved to be above +0.5% daily gain now. Need to be consistent.
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  9. nice job
    keep it going
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    The power of compound interest never cease to amaze me.

    Good work btw.
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