ChoiceFX - no spread?

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    Any experience? I can't register for their demo account to check it out.
  2. Xenia


    I see. Same as IB IDEAL PRO then ?

    IB customers can trade among each other.
    IB´s fx commission is $5.00 per 250K US$.
  3. qtip


    Any new information regarding CHoice FX?
  4. The give no address for contact? Don't like that. Anyone can design a website out of the mom's basement. Not saying they are scamming but very generic IMO.
  5. mystery broker / ECN model / platform, exhorbitant fees... who needs them when we have HotSpot Retail, Oanda, IB, etc etc???

    from their FAQ section:

    24. What is the minimum deposit and what are the fees and/or commissions?

    The minimum deposit is $25,000 and the only fee to trade on the Choice FX Network is one pip per trade.
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    25. What are your margin requirements?

    The margin requirements are 1-2% depending on the the currency pair you trade and the placement of your stop losses. For a more detailed explanation please contact us at 1(800) Choice FX or
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    26. Will I be charged interest for holding positions overnight?

    If you hold positions overnight, they have to rolled and you be charged normal Time Next spreads on your positions.
  6. qtip


    I was thinking the same thing, with Hotspot and Currenex, what would be the value added to trade through them?

    Any more opinions and comments would be great.