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    Author is not resident of USA ,can you compare 3 brokers from
    different USA parts ?

    Choicetrade -NJ
    Rush - Texas ,Dallas
    MBT -California

    Platform MBT without reserved htttp version ,only downloading . Choice and Rush different direct and web
    based . Choice not offer E-mini . Rush more expensiv .

    Choice www side have regulary problem from different internet

    Any comment would appreciated .
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    One of ET member wrote in private message to author

    I never used MBT. I believe the following about CHoicetrade:

    Choicetrade has the fastest customer service via email I think.
    Choicetrade's rates for options and stocks are cheaper than MBT.
    Choiectrade has API FIX on Direct Pro.
    Choicetrade maintenance requirement is 25% for stocks.
    Choicetrade recognizes all option strategies for margin requirements.
    Choicetrade does not have FOREX, futures.
    You can have 4 order boxes on the screen at the same time with Choicetrade Direct Pro, and therefore no need to place orders as spreads.


    Author comment ,if you going to MBT with volume of operations ,which must be performed per month
    for Choicetrade offer 3000-5000 per month ,commission offer would essentialy the same.About platform of CT to date have not
    complex opinion.Must test more .

    Your respectfully milstar
  3. Hi Milstar
    As another non resident Alien trading only US equity& options markets I 'll add my few cents.
    I assume you are a high volume intra day Stocks only trader?
    I trade mostly options with a bit of stock day trading .
    In the past I have used Dreyfus extensively(sold to Brown>then to JP Morgan) &,Datek etc.
    Now I use OptionsXpress.$9.99 (one way) for 1000 shares.
    For options -$Min 15 for 10 contracts or less.Above that $1.5/contract.
    For non US customers they are operating thro OXPS Canada.So they are are not offering Spot Forex/futures yet! Considering IB because they offer all in one.
    But No complaints about OXPS on customer service & a reliable platform. Want to keep all my equity in one brokerage.
    I badly need a broker with spot forex/futures/equity & options with the right pricing. Used for quite some time TD waterhouse's Singapore subsdiary (With DBS Bank) but they were gouging me with $ 30 min brokerage.ET Hongkong branch offers all the US products at a significantly higher priced commision!Using a Asian Big bank now for spot forex & bullion.But higher spreads & no internet platform.So have to make voice calls to place the trade!
    Any suggestions welcome.