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  1. My daughter lives in Israel. I am quite concerned for her safety.
    I guess at the moment she is living in a bomb shelter. It's her first time. The thing that cracked me up was an email, "Next time I'll make sure to have some chocolate and some wine."
  2. hope she'll be ok, OT. If there is one thing they know how to make in Israel it's a good bomb shelter.

    How long will she be there?
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    I hope your daughter is okay/safe! She is cute, funny and brave :D moments like these it's great to have a good sense of humor! :)
  4. Oldtime, tell your daughter to get outta there. After looking at how Israel became Israel, it is clear to see this will never end.
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    Good luck to her, I hope she stays safe. Maybe a plane ticket to the States would be in order?
  6. She lives in Tel Aviv, which in the past has always been one of the safer cities. This is the first time the sirens went off. When she was young and single I didn't worry that much, but now she has a young child and so she's no longer just taking care of herself.

    I tell ya, when you talk to them, it is just like the Hatfields and the McCoys. The can't even remember what are fighting about. They just both know the other guys started it.

    Jews in Israel are really dug in. They look at is the last stand. All their families were driven out of just about every country in Europe, and this is where they fight and die.

    All the young men have done their stint in the Military and know how to handle firearms. They are very divided politically, some very hard core right wing, some very liberal.

    They still live the old fashioned conservative life, where the men work and the women make dinner. But no self respecting man shows up at the dinner table without his Uzi within arms reach.
  7. They are living on stolen land, oldtime. It has nothing to do with them specifically, but the Palestinians will never stop firing rockets over there.

    The state of Israel was literally created out of thin air. The Jews never outnumbered the natives of that land, so says the British census of the area in the time of question.

    There are big troubles there. I feel for the citizens living there now, all of them, on both sides.
  8. She comes home and visits twice a year, as a matter of fact she was just here a few months ago. She owns her own business over there. This is the life she has chosen.

    What bothers me is, we all have Jewish, Moslem, Iranian, Palestinian friends, and they are reasonable people. How do we lose control of our government?

    I know I get blamed every day just for being born in USA, and maybe rightly so, for some of the things my government does.

    What ever happened back there in Germany? Some of my family were Germans, some Jews, some Christians, but they weren't the kind of people who threw people in ovens.

    At one time we did a lot of business in Iran, and I have never met one Iranian who thinks Israel should be wiped off the face of the map, yet somehow that is the official position of their government.

    How does this happen?
  9. I know a few Germans. They suffer for Adolph Hitler. Less so now that it is becoming public info that the German people did try to get rid of Hitler. The German culture is an amazing one, and the people I have met are good people.

    That said, I have realized there is a difference between Judaism and Zionism. I never cared to know much about it before, and I have to admit that I am embarrassed about that. Americans should know about our relationship with the ME.

    I just hope your daughter is not caught in the crossfire. She really should come home if she can. Just my take.
  10. maybe so, but who isn't living on stolen land? Where would I even go to reclaim my rightful land that was stolen by someone else? For crying out loud, I live in Indiana. It didn't get that name because it was the rightful land of European Immigrants. One day it was hunting grounds and then out of thin air a state got created.
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