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    China Natural Gas Inc. Solid company, with expotential growth. Missed earnings by .01 only because it opened up 3 natural gas plants in china. This is a two bagger before the end of the year. Watch on Monday this thing will move.
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  3. This stock is a buy at these levels. CHNG is expecting 70% growth into 2008, has a great looking balance sheet with a strong current ratio of 3.17 and zero long term debt. CNG stations are continuing to expand at a rapid rate providing more and more income for CHNG. It has seen a ton of support around the $7 level. I got in at 8.40 probably to early, but I've been loading up on shares as it dips into the low 7's.

    Some fundamentals for you all :
    CHNG.OB is a small cap company with a current market cap of $99.5m compared to the Oil & Gas industries 2.5b average cap. While its current PS ratio is trading at a higher multiple than the industries the important thing to note is CHNG's PE ratios with trading at 13.7x multiple compared to the industries 17.3x PE. Even more impressive is there foretasted growth into the future with a 1 year forward PE of just 3.67x. For the current year CHNG is expecting to report .39eps and a huge jump to follow in 08' with expectations of 1.12eps, 1.39 in 09'. Hypothetically speaking if CHND continued on average its trading multiple of 13.7x we could expect price per share to be trading in the mid teens in 2008' given the company doesn't run into any trouble. The financial condition also looks great here with a high current ratio and no long term debt. This is an attractive growth stock!
  4. Fundamentals aside, the fact that the company has the word "China" in its name is the most bullish consideration of all. Cha-CHiNG!