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  1. Chesapeake is a short target going into Wednesday-Friday.

    There's $1.75 of roughly unaccounted for demand/premium in CHK from it's recent move upward.

    Good Trading.

    EDIT: Fantabulous but not Craptacular. There's roughly $50M of fresh money flow in CHK now. Give it time to mature to get short or leg in.
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    I have been selling calls against my CHK position. I am long since 22,24,28. I am not selling it, the stock is cheap on some of my metrics and Aubrey keeps buying.
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    Where did Aubrey get all that money?
  4. Give it time. ST there has to be a fundamental change otherwise demand will be met with heavy supply here -- $33.70 will be the result tomorrow and downward supply pressure could ultimately leave price action near $29 NT. I did trade this one frequently in the teens but now i take the other side or take a continuation only on select calendar days that meet volume and price criteria. I'm glad CHK is of use to others. :)
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    I have been able to make good returns for my funds taking logical positions. CHK is trading at very cheap FCF models, strong reserve base, and natural gas shouldn't come down long term. Yesterday I sold 2:3 options to underlying calls to hedge some risk and earn some cash. I will be a buyer if it comes back to 30.

  6. Your timing is off. I said we want to short CHK Wed-Fri when the premium gets juicy--that goes for selling calls too. With your position build i can see how you opted to sell calls monday but i wonder why you sold 2/3 calls to underlying without a multi-day multi-leg call strategy considering your position structure. Also, looking at the puts soon is not a bad idea. Still, not bad for a guy that recommends allscripts with a 142 price to earnings ratio.:D
  7. What's your status apparatus?

    My vendor just fixed a spike to $500 in CHK. The spike to $35?
    I didn't do it.


    EDIT: there's -55M in cash flow today. 50 in 50 out--tidy week. I don't know why so many go to such great lengths to devise trading systems with complex strategies that take years to develop. But, i guess they trade with more than just lunch money and have to make it look high-brow. This CHK trade turned over nicely which is better than not turning over at all. Those cocksuckers(pardon my french) didn't know what hit them.:D
  8. I'd like to know how many commons and options and warrants he owns altogether. Nice three day trading channel expansion in CHK. Why does Prudential open their mouth anyway. Does anyone listen to them now that they are, according to them, straight shooters on research. They raise targets to current prices and maintain a neutral rating. Don't go out on a limb or anything. Worthless.
  9. Tried to post a chart for CHK ... anyway, any thoughts ?

    The weekly has room to grow; CHK is ready to take out some key price resistance levels.
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    Did anyone else get screwed after the private offering announcement at 4:01pm?
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