ChitChat shouldn't count in posts

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by daniel_m, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. i think that the posts you make in the chitchat forum shouldn't show up in the total number of posts you make.

    anyone agree?
  2. Nah.... Chit Chat is a cool forum... if we start not counting chit chat, then I vote that the ONLY section we should count for posts is the Trading Section...
  3. tfmoney


    Actualy i need a few more
  4. ROFL!
  5. NO!

    Why would anyone care about how many posts someone has?! Number of posts is posting ACTIVITY, period. A high number of posts doesn't mean you're some hero. Why do you care?

    FRuiTY :confused:
  6. That's a valid point too, Fruity...
  7. i'll tell you why i care,

    because i remember when i first started coming to ET that i'd look at the number of posts someone had made and if it was high, i'd tend to put more value on that person's posts.

    obviously in time you work out who's who, but i think it's misleading to tell people so and so has accumulated X number of posts when a lot of them (like in my case for example) have nothing to do with trading.

    and i wouldn't want anyone thinking i'm some big guru (a lot of people do, you know :D) when i'm not.
  8. That's another good point...
  9. ONLY the trading?

    what the hell good would that do?
    there's some excellent trading related discussion in psych, strat trading, TA, pro firms, futures, resources etc.

    all relevant to a site called elite TRADER.

    TOTALLY UNLIKE chit chat.

    (forgotten why chit chat was created in the first place? it was to keep those forums clear of the kind of bs us chatters engage in..)
  10. I like Chit Chat... its fun...
    #10     Feb 20, 2003