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  1. on Chit Chat section, could we not pin two joke threads on top?

    Jokes are only a small subsection of small talk...
  2. i agree let's unstuck "jokes" X2
  3. Or maybe just unpin the old one? Alternately, is the number of entries fixed, or can you have more than the few showing?
  4. Is there a compelling reason why either have to be unpinned?
  5. is there any compelling reason they should be permantently pinned from here to etremity??!
  6. Yes, because many people like to post in them and find them quite easily.

    Are the two lines of one obscure chit-chat forum on your screen cluttering it up much?
  7. the old one is closed, and cannot be posted to by anyone, so that argument does not hold water. Pinning two reduces the view of other threads, which was the point of the request. They are not a cost-free solution.

    The better question is, is there a compelling reason why an old, closed thread needs to be pinned along with the current one, thus obscuring one more active thread at all times?
  8. The Fellas are right. Toss one of them and the hits to Chat will spike. I haven't checked out jokes since the first time back in 05.

    Hey Ivan, go Mc Chrystal on Baron and Joe and make the change.
    We got your back Buddy.

    Rennick out
  9. If it is THAT upsetting to everyone, fine. I'll unpin the closed one.

    Who would have known a thread in an obscure forum unrelated to trading on a trading website could distress so many people.
  10. thanks. you sound almost disappointed having to let one go :D
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