Chit chat is not chit chat, and a proposal

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  1. Other than a chuckle here and there from the endless inane debates amongst the usual suspects, chit chat holds very little entertainment value for me (and I assume others).

    Chit chat is basically "religion and politics", perhaps this would be a more suitable name.

    I propose a forum devoted to what guys talk about ie. women, food, cars, sports , work, anything really other than religion/politics. I believe that members of ET would enjoy it during the luls in the day.
  2. Actually, I second that.

    A separate "politics and religion" section where the usual half-a-dozen ET members have their daily battle of wits (rarely to do with the topic) distinct from a more generalized light-humored chit-chat forum.

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    If you had included a poll I would have voted for it.
    I have no idea if Baron is interested in creating yet another forum. He may feel we have enough forums already. But it's certainly not a bad idea. Politics, religion and maybe social issues in one forum. That should include most of the controversial subjects leaving everything else for a real chit chat/coffee shop type forum. People just don't tend to get as hot under the collar debating sports teams, blondes vs. brunettes or chili recipes as they do arguing over abortion, political agendas and religion.
    I've noticed a rather large number of members from time to time claim they would not be caught dead in the CC we have now.
  4. Not so much a place to debate, but more to discuss:


    MOst overrated movie of the last 10 years
    My boss threatened me, whats my move?
    Some snack foods that are actually good for you
    I picked up a total stranger in a bar, no condomn, would you?


    Think Maxim magazine.

    Different opinions on light hearted subjects is actually somewhat theraputic.
  5. Why not just ban ZZZzzzzzzz and Mahram.

    Those two lonely losers have nothing better to do than start 10 new threads everyday in chit-chat and then move on to ruin other peoples threads.

    Addition by subtraction would make chit-chat an enjoyable forum. :)
  6. I can't stand the religious/political crap in the chit chat forum - it goes on and on about the same thing everyday. Personally, I'd like to talk about fun stuff - like women, cars, jokes etc .. theres hardly any of that in chit chat anymore.

    What's the prboblem with just spliting it up into "Politics/Religion" and "Fun Stuff"?

  7. The best “woman thread" starter and contributer keeps getting banned due from complaints of the chit chat faithful.

    And coinz is entertaining to boot. :D
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  9. Well Mr. Baron, perhaps on a trial basis?
  10. There should be No politic/religion discussion anymore, instead creat forums where traders can find others having common intersts like:

    -SPORT forum like fitness, watersports, fighting arts, football,...
    -HOBBY forum like snooker, bowling, games, gambling....
    -TRAVEL forumrelated to favorite distinations, foods and culture....
    -SOCIAL & LOVE life forums like marriage, dating, sex,....
    -HEALTH forums like Drugs, diabetic, smoking, alcholics, mental disorders....
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