Chipotle, a loaf of bread and milk is now only for the rich

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Port1385, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Wow! Get a load of the prices! Soon everyday things like milk, fast food and other common things will be only for the rich. Just today I paid 5 dollars for a cup of coffee and a cookie and Im not in Manhattan.
  2. clacy


    You can get a cup of coffee and a cookie for under $2 at McDonald's can't you?
  3. Milk and eggs prices have gone down over the last few months, at least where I live and shop...
  4. Bake your own damn cookies.

    And milk's not good for you anyway.
  5. Chipotle in NY, eat there twice a week, I get so pissed after I eat there I'm still hungry. $10 bucks for stupid tacos and a fountain drink, then I hit Starbucks and drop another $5.00 bucks on a frappachino like a stupid ass. These places need to be shut down lol
  6. a burrito or 3 tacos and a small drink (with free re-fills) would be approx $7.00 with tax. Not exactly end of the world type prices.
  7. lassic


    Chipotle sauce is meh

    give me good ol' Louisiana hot sauce
  8. clacy


    You gotta go with the burrito. Much more filling than the tacos.

    As far as Starbucks, well, that's just pissing money away.
  9. uh, yes.. and the soft drink with the fast food is the worst investment, it's not nutritional at all, it's pretty nasty stuff and besides, it's not good to drink a lot with a meat meal, it dilutes stomach acid..
  10. clacy


    That's where they make much their profit margin often. I've noticed that drink prices have climbed pretty significantly in the last couple of years.

    If you ask for a glass of water (better for you anyway) it usually saves you 15% of the total bill.
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