Chip stocks are strong

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    Check out, TXN, ADI, LLTC, SMH, INTC, ALTR, XLNX,...
    The future is in semiconductor sector specially in Analog.
    My personal pick is ADI.
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    ADI will be over $30 by next Friday. Option expiry day. My trading pick was sell 27.5 PUT and buy 30 call for June.
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    Still holding onto SMH.

    Sold SSG this week at $18.92.

    Will buy back SSG under $17.00, maybe Ill get the chance today!!!
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    I don't know the exact day but SMH will pop up to 30 very soon. In less than 2 weeks. It was at 30 a month ago.
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    Two days ago chip stocks were overshorted because of a report that euro might hurt chip companies. After TXN mid Q outlook on Tuesday, expect a much bigger rally by closing hours of today (Thursday). Some part of it is because of short squeeze and institutional buyings.
  6. Eh, you wrote "that" two weeks ago.

    It is true there's a bias to revert TOWARD (but not necessarily through) the nearest strike but I pointed out A. $30 is potent B. It's failed above $30 numeous times.

    Insider buying is nil. Summer has a seasonal tendency. It's already rallied from 17ish. Let's see, that's 65%.
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    That is true that I said the same thing two weeks ago but I am still excited and I believe tech stocks are undervalued.
    You cannot compare two years ago when it was at $17 with today. ADI had a record sale last Q with a very good margin and the outlook for next Q is might brighter with much better margin. All these are mentioned in their last Q report which came out a month ago.
    All things said, I cannot be so sure about stock performance. What I am sure is that I am doing an educated investment and it is not gambling.
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    Last hour rally is happening as of now after today's uptrend did not fade and proved to be real.
  9. You wrote "investment" but this is a trading site. Perhaps you're implying that I gamble. Life is a gamble.

    Yes, I can compare now with two years ago. You transact in PRICE. So do I.

    Record sales? When a pole vaulter gets to 22 feet what's the probabilty of further records? What role does inflation play in these records? Is unit volume at a record? Does it matter with respect to stock pricing?

    I would suggest it doesn't.

    Ditto for margins.

    When ADI clearly breaks $30, actually $31, it should run. Gee that rhymes. IF and when that occurs, be sure and let me know. That would much easier and meaningful than my letting you know it hasn't (on a recurring basis).

    One last thing, "excited" suggests you're not emotionally detached. That could involve tuition until a certain lesson is learned. Unlearned, this lesson is destined for repetition.
  10. hajimow


    First of all I should say, I really appreciate your feedback and I am enjoying.
    I am not a long term investor but I am not a HFT either. I buy something that I believe would give me a very good return in less than a month. Sometimes I hold it for just an hour or even less.

    So you will buy ADI when ADI breaks out $31? Then what would be your rational? better future ? technical? As I understood from you, better future is almost impossible for ADI because ADI has already had a record sale.

    The reason that I am excited is that I believe that I am in a stock and a sector that has good future. It does not mean that I have lost my mind at leats I hope so !!

    Some good things about ADI:

    1- Never been the streets dalrling like Apple so there is no hype in it and it is not bloated.
    2- Never had loss in its over 40 year business
    3- Extremely lucritive dididend and increasing
    4- Small company to grow fast and big enough not to be volatile
    5- Great outlook for next Q and better margin
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