Chip speed needed for trading?

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  1. Entirely depends on the software and trading platform you plan on running.

    I've been running ToS, MT4 and MultiCharts (not all at the same time) on a E350 (basically the same platform/chips as the box you linked) without too much trouble, but I don't give it heavy jobs/tasks, clean charts, not much number crunching.

    Also, limited ability to use multiple monitors on that box. (ie, no expansion past 2, unless you start adding USB based adapters but they aren't ideal on a low end box.)
  2. Any serious trader should have at least 2 ghz dual or quad core, ...unless you are trading from a web based platform with 2 monitors or less in which case 1.2 to 1.8 ghz chip is just fine.
  3. Thx for the informed response, Jack.
    I have Sierra Charts and Infinity Bkrg's AT trading platform, and that's it.
    Pushing 2 Monitors, 1 keyboard, and 1 mouse.
    Pretty much barebones. Not even using Excel.
    1 or 2 contracts in Futures products is all I trade.

    Sooner or later the old laptop is gonna quit, and I was just hoping to use one of these MiniPC's as opposed to another laptop or, God forbid, a tower case PC.

    Maybe I can find a brick & mortar store where I can demo this, or one like it.
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    and the 'way' one trade. one trade a day\month can be placed from something like pentium 1,while for others this thing below might not be enough :)

  5. CPU clock speed is not a very good measure of how fast a CPU is. The clock speed is similar to a car engine's RPM measure. How fast an engine turns is not indicative of how powerful the engine is.

    Does a Pinto ramming at 5000 RPM run faster than a Ferrari at 3000 RPM?

    I looked up the Passmark ranking of the CPU involved: AMD E-450 APU

    Unless I am looking at a wrong chip. The speed score seems light. For a web-browser based trading, it may be okay.
  6. I was watching a guy on CNBC, He pointed to a low on his chart and said this is where we got in, and then pointed to a high and said and this is where we got out, and then pointed to about the same place and said this is where we got back in, and a place a little higher and said, this is where we sold.

    there were about the usual amounts of bars on the computer screen, I don't know maybe 20 or 30

    they asked him how much time each bar represented

    he said, "One tenth of a second."
  7. I guess I"m just web browser based, not sure. I don't have a direct link to the CME, at least for now.

    If that speed seems "light", what would you reccomend for 1 or 2 Futures contracts, intraday?
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    i agree,but i'm pretty happy with this one :) ->

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