Chinese to gain control of GM

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  1. only a matter of time....

    The all new chevy volt - an american revolution!....Made in china.

  2. I am surprised they are purchasing, China rivals Russia for piracy. Anyone spending 40k on the POS deserves it.
  3. Any taxpayer who contributed the $Billions for GM to be bailed out so that the Chinese could have the company deserves it, too.

    Wait... that's most of US!

  4. Roark


    April Fools!
  5. heh party pooper!
  6. This news is for real and not a fake one. I read from USA Today reports that GM Vice Chairman, Steve Girsky, stated that GM and Chinese auto company, SAIC, will develop a new electric vehicle that would draw upon the Chevy Volt's technology. Girsky also hinted that future Chevy Volts will be built in China in order to qualify for Chinese subsidies of about $19,000 per car. Girsky claims that neither China nor SAIC are demanding that GM share Volt technology. Whether they are demanding it or not, it is obvious that they will get it.

    Meanwhile, another news is swirling on web that GM tells dealers to sell Chevy Volt demo cars, Chevy Volt demo cars to go on sale to meet demand. Chevrolet is looking to get more customers into its plug-in hybrid, the Chevy Volt, and has approved retailers to sell the demo automobile Volts if need be. Sales have not been horrible, but far short of where Chevrolet wants them to be. One grievance among consumers has been that they could not get the Volt with the options they want.