Chinese take landmark stake in US bank

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  1. China Minsheng Banking Corp is set to become the first Chinese mainland institution to invest in a US bank after striking a deal to acquire 9.9 per cent of San Francisco-based UCBH Holdings for more than $200m. The deal is the first overseas investment by Minsheng and is expected to herald a string of similar deals over the next few months as cash-rich Chinese companies seek to expand their global footprint.

    The invasion has just begun...
  2. ........welcome them with open arms and wallets. Foreign investors are notorious for buying foreign assets at market peaks.
  3. +1 .... Rockefeller Center ... anyone ....

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    they were using their own bubble real estate to finance the deal but the Chinese come with real hard cash. This time it may be different.
  5. Are you talking of "USD" ???? Do you think this is "hard" cash ....eeemmmm, currency ??? :D :D :D