Chinese stocks to own

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    Top choices: RHGP, UTVG
  2. ?...........the cheaper, the better?
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    definitely not what I mean... What I mean is that they have value to invest, with the low price to enter, and low risk and high reward.
  4. Only two chinese stocks to own

    BIDU & PTR

    avoid all the small medium cap crap stocks

    stick with the bigger companies with the huge growth and buying momentum
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    NPD...ipo a couple of days ago
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    Honestly, investing small cap Chinese stocks, and that is how I made my fortune.

    I bot HRBN at 3, and sold at 12; bot SYUT at 1.5, and sold at 11. Now I am doing the same thing.

  7. Just looking at insedercow and noticed a 1.1 mln shares bought by one of the directors of CREG. Just thought to let you know. I am not buying now. Too late for me.
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    are you sure that we are talking about the same companies?

  9. GSH & CHDX
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    GSI just reported record earnings. BIDZ is making a good run. Problem is you just don't know with these chinese stocks. take for example SDTH, it reports record earnings and the stock goes down. too unpredictable sometimes.
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