Chinese stocks are so hot, buy without thinking

Discussion in 'Trading' started by PivoTTurner, Sep 27, 2007.

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    it is bubble but needs another 1-2 years to burst.
  2. YLIU


    gud up!
  3. cpsl had an ok day! lol
  4. I agree, 12 years is a long time. I maxed out long FXI and EEM today, all on credit card advances and margin. I will be in the Forbes 400 Richest by next Halloween easy.
  5. Forbes 400...damn I'm looking for a top10 placing. Just have to stop paying monthly mortgage like everyone else.
  6. wish trade, dream trade, may be bust trade
  7. hang seng is gapping 700pts/day...

    this is total nasdaq bubble...

    buying a put a day to hedge against my more 'reasonable' longs.
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    no offers in hsi futures, only bids... LOL
  9. kapama


    other than ADR, an American can not buy individual Chinese stocks.

    Everybody knows this.
  10. Hedging your "reasonable longs" rising at single digit to teen % a year with a market like china that could rise 100-300% isn't a good idea. Bubbles usually get bigger, it starts to look like one of those rap guys girlfriends, i mean it's just so big i can't believe it's so round it's just out there, all round and big.

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