Chinese Spies Accused of Using Huawei in Secret Australia Telecom Hack

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    Software update loaded with malicious code is key evidence in years-long push to block Huawei, officials say

    By Jordan Robertson and Jamie Tarabay 17 December 2021

    The U.S. government has warned for years that products from China’s Huawei Technologies Co., the world’s biggest maker of telecommunications equipment, pose a national security risk for any countries that use them. As Washington has waged a global campaign to block the company from supplying state-of-the-art 5G wireless networks, Huawei and its supporters have dismissed the claims as lacking evidence.

    Now a Bloomberg News investigation has found a key piece of evidence underpinning the U.S. efforts — a previously unreported breach that occurred halfway around the world nearly a decade ago.

    In 2012, Australian intelligence officials informed their U.S. counterparts that they had detected a sophisticated intrusion into the country's telecommunications systems. It began, they said, with a software update from Huawei that was loaded with malicious code.
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    I'm shocked. :sneaky:
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    continues indeed...

    trump didn't show any proof during the height of his power, amd in 2012 there was no 5g. bifurcat in order to confuse. is c phone tapped as well?
  4. China likes to act like they own everything.
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    When you give them an inch they take a mile.
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    Not that I put it above the Chinese to do this, but how did Bloomberg's last story on supermicro pan out?
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    A civil lawsuit over the Tappy incident awarded T-Mobile $4.8 million in damages in 2017, The Associated Press reports. "Huawei said in an emailed statement Tuesday that it denies any violations of U.S. law, and that the Tappy allegations were already a settled matter between it and T-Mobile," according to the AP.

    Huawei now faces ten counts in federal court: conspiracy to steal trade secrets, attempted theft of trade secrets, seven counts of wire fraud, and obstruction of justice.

    Huawei smartphone revenue to fall at least $30-40 bln in 2021- chairman
    By David Kirton
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  9. Look up what happened to AMSC. Hundreds of millions of dollars. I did some work for AMSC. That company was a shell of what it was.
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