Chinese PM Wen Jiabao's family amasses assets worth $2.7 billion

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  1. The mother of China's prime minister was a schoolteacher in northern China. His father was ordered to tend pigs in one of Mao's political campaigns. And during childhood, "my family was extremely poor," the prime minister, Wen Jiabao, said in a speech last year.

    But now 90, the prime minister's mother, Yang Zhiyun, not only left poverty behind — she became outright rich, at least on paper, according to corporate and regulatory records. Just one investment in her name, in a large Chinese financial services company, had a value of $120 million five years ago, the records show.
  2. In the past 150 years, every time a foreign power invaded China, the Chinese people helped the invaders overthrow their own greedy and corrupt government.

    In 1900, when the 8-nation army invaded Beijing, the local Chinese residents brought out ladders to help the foreign soldiers climb up the walls of Forbidden City.

    In 1930s and 40s, when the Japanese invaded China, the Chinese farmers helped the Japanese soldiers disarm the retreating Chinese soldiers.

    I am sure the Chinese people are eagerly waiting for the Americans to invade China. Maybe the Japanese can do it again.

    Can the Chinese send their leaders to jail, as the Italians did to their former prime minister?
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    communism in action!!
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  6. More like political power in action. The Chinese didn't invent corruption, happens here too. One example would be no bid government contracts to your old company to inflate your options in the company.
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    Maybe the Chinese should "man-up" and take matters into their own hands rather than wait for a foreign invader.

    Nothing good comes free.