Chinese inflation?

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  1. Sounds like it's inevitable. Would be weird if the dam bursting were the catalyst for a market top.
  2. Maybe it will have to burst before the Olympics, so that the market can have a strong move back up again, just before the Olympics start.

    I mean can you really see this Chinese strength continue at this pace until the 2008 games start?
  3. Doesn't seem like it could, but I think that's how China's government wants it.... to the point of using all their influence to insure it.

    It's been suggested that all local motor vehicle traffic will be banned before the games to allow the air pollution to clear out.

    US teams are being housed 75 miles away from game site to avoid the air pollution.
  4. That is the big question, can the Chinese government prevent the bubble bursting?
  5. Some pundits have written that the chinese officials, when faced with an impossible task of scrubbing the air, will simply say to the gasping athletes, "see, there's no pollution!"

    Much like certain inflation statistics.

    I just can't see the chinese being allowed to have their debutante ball if they won't play ball with Paulson. And it doesn't appear that they will 'play ball.' A nice bloody nose a few months before the olympics will remind these upstarts where they stand in the global community. OTOH, if they do toe the line reasonably, there might not be much to worry about and we might be seeing 9000 SSEC for all we know by september.

    While I really don't have any rhyme or reason for this evaluation, so take it with a good dose of skepticism, let's see where the Yuan is by march. If we are close to 7, I think we can all be friends. If we are still here at 7.4, I think there is a big problem. (Particularly since PPP suggests a real exchange rate of 4-4.5 per USD). I will be adjusting my china risk based largely upon political factors. No doubt in my mind we are trying to squeeze them - but I think they are squeezing back.
  6. They have already put in some price controls on fuel and food I believe. Will it work? I doubt it...
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