Chinese Hedge Fund Manager a Successor to Buffett?

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    ...another smart Chinese immigrant, helping the Good old USA or the yellow peril getting closer? You decide.....

    "Li Lu, a Chinese hedge-fund manager who was once a student leader of the Tiananmen Square protests, is considered one of the top candidates for filling Mr. Buffett's shoes.

    The Journal (WSJ) reported:Mr. Li, 44 years old, has emerged as a leading candidate to run a chunk of Berkshire's $100 billion portfolio, stemming from a close friendship with Charlie Munger, Berkshire's 86-year-old vice chairman. In an interview, Mr. Munger revealed that Mr. Li was likely to become one of the top Berkshire investment officials. "In my mind, it's a foregone conclusion," Mr. Munger said.Among other possible successors to Mr. Buffett's legacy is David L. Sokol, chairman of MidAmerican Energy Holdings at Berkshire and also chairman of NetJets, the private jet company also owned by Berkshire. However, The Journal noted that Mr. Buffett has said that he may split the investment duties from those of the role of chief executive when he steps down. Mr. Sokol has been seen as the contender for the C.E.O. role, while Mr. Li may be in line to fill Mr. Buffett's shoes in the investing arena, the newspaper said."
  2. No one talked about the Indian peril when Vikram pandit took over Citibank and Indra nooyi became head honcho at Pepsi...
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    It is not too late :)