Chinese Fiscal Policy

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    Chinese Fiscal Policy

    China's government has said it will pursue a more "vigorous" fiscal policy, and its central bank has thrown around $74.4 billion at financial institutions in order to support lending in the face of slowing growth. The policy shift led Chinese government bond yields and stocks upwards today. Reuters
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    I am quite sure they are not using the funds to buy more US goods.
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    Chinese Fiscal Policy is a major policy.
    But this news came out of no where.
    It wasn't mentioned in my economic calender.
    So I'd better throw away my economic calender and look for a better one.
    Who has an economic calender which mentioned about Chinese Fiscal Policy?

    Was there any notice stating that China would be announcing Chinese Fiscal Policy on 24 Jul 18?
  4. Why did they ever let China grow??
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    They will need to pay much more higher prices for coming 500B tariffs, hope Trump will punish chinks for their "smart" protectionism
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    damn son! :wtf:
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    Just proves US tariffs starting to hurt Chinese companies. There was an article where Chinese companies reported 50% less sales from US customers. With US customers not willing to pay more for Chinese products. Now, are the Chinese companies going to eat the difference? I seriously, doubt it! Most goods now are manufactured in multiple countries which means expensive Chinese products will be left unsold while, US consumers seek the same products at cheaper prices and at about the same quality or even higher from other countries! How long will the Chinese holdout while, their businesses get damaged? Job losses mount?
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    True and passionate Trump supporter! I love tariffs! Handing out free red caps if you join my opinion!