Chinese dream

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    I think is will remain a dream because earth not big enough to accomodate extra several 100M middleclass. Already, current levels are not sustainable anyomore.

    However, attempt will be made and agriculture is an obvous bet. There is liitle fish in oceans left so forget about that. Some artifitial breeding in oceans of some GM specie is an option.

    huh, not nice future.
  2. MLK had a dream. I have a dream. Everybody has a dream. Soon there will be Indian dream, African dream. The world will be a cesspool of humans.
  3. oil prices coming down

    food prices are cheapest ever compared to inflation

    Electronics are unbelievable cheap and even traveling the world is becoming cheaper

    I think technology improves faster than the population boom in middle class
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    The future is gene manipulated food that gives you all kinds of interesting cancers, most are treatable so don't worry. "Honey I'll drop the kids to school, pop by the Walmart Gigacenter and get my weekly chemo". Yes, the future looks bright.