Chinese daytraders: game changer?

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  1. I wonder what sort of strategies these college graduates employ at these trading firms...?....
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    Extremely small lots per trader, low leverage, probably not more than $25K to 50K total, if that, with restrictions on drawdowns, but in total, a massive amount of volume on a daily basis for having no shortage of new recruits to replace bad ones.

    These Chinese operations are sustaining the Titles, Swifts, Hold Bros. out there by comparison to their USA trading volume, my guess is likely in orders of magnitude greater at significantly lower commission costs through their proprietary ECN agreements with Hong Kong divisions of larger global broker/clearing firms.

    Canadian-owned Swift is making a killing in China.
  4. Is or was? I dont know how connected you are but I am under the impression Swift/Title/Hold are struggling big time because HFT has destroyed CFT (Chinese frequency traders)
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    Yes, sorry, I would have to agree. WAS.
  6. Swift lost over 25 million CAD in China for the year. Yeah, that's a killing alright. You really seem to have your finger on the pulse! :eek:
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    Considering you're the biggest dbag poster on this forum, I highly doubt you'd have access to that information, and if you did, you'd probably be one of the losers, piker. I doubt the NYT does an article on this and hasn't done it's due diligence to know someone's making money. I seriously doubt it's you. An moron can do the math to figure out paying Chinese traders $10 a day or whatever, to churn and burn volume, that the brokers are making a killing.

    Do you even think before you hit Submit or is your purpose just to embarass yourself?
  8. how's the internet connection over in China? do they have to pay a ton to use leased lines?
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