Chinese crooks part 99

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  1. The Chinese are trying to kill us but they want all our money first.

    Products full of toxins! a bit off topic but my daughter was clenching her teeth during a stressful period at school. Her dentist gave her a mouth guard to put in while she sleeps. I looked at the package and it was made in china. I told the dentist that there was no way she was putting that pos in her mouth. He looked at me and said're probably right I wouldn't let my daughter put that in her mouth either.
  2. the world has changed. we have to make certain choices and sacrifices. if she uses a US made mouth guard you may not be able to save enough for her college.
  3. lol, too true.

    If we really want to see some hard core, rip your guts out inflation, just wait until it's all "Made in the USA" again and the unions get all their perks and bennies. Fuk, we'd be paying 3-4x for miscellaneous crap.
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    down with unions.