Chinese Chopsticks Charting

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  1. Hey, this is a (CCC) top secret charting technique used by the chinese since the 1300's to trade cattle in the Kongzang province. Apparently, not many books are available here in the west or maybe I cannot find them.

    Anyone here use CCC?
  2. SNL-type spoof on Japanese Candlesticks used in rice markets?
  3. lols....
  4. :confused:
    Maybe the secret isn't out yet. I became aware of it with my dealings with a chinese Economics Phd student at Duke.
  5. IS this the same as the "green tea leaf" based market prediction initially used for soy sauce trading in Shanghai circa 1540?
  6. I read something similar. That smells like a bunch of cattles. Trust me. I am Chinese.
    When I was nine years old in Hong Kong, my school asked us to do artworks in celebrating the concept of time being very precious. I could not believe my class copied exactly what the older class did. I feel ashamed. Why do they do that... I don't know.
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    only chopsticks I know