chinese chimneys

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  1. Chinese chimneys

    do all Chinese in China chain smoke?
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    I know they export industrial byproduct polution within products they sell to the US - they think this is funny how they get away with it.
  3. Along this line, where I lived they passed the smoking ban in public places. I am against laws for businesses like this, but I have to say the bars that cried a river how business was going to fail due to the ban, have nothing to say lately. I hated the idea of it having to come through a law, but there are places I go now that I avoided as I am sick of smoky bars and waking up and smelling that crap all over my clothes. I am apparently not the only one as quite a few have admitted business haas increased since the law. It doesn't make it right to use a law to ban something that is legal otherwise. At the same time it does show a flaw in Capitalism. If bars individually tried to ban smoking they probably would have been hurt, but with everyone under the same baloney made it workable and better for all. I will still say that the law itself is wrong.
  4. My b in law hated smokey bars...bitch bitch bitch about it every time we saw him. Didn't stop him from playing his "garage band" in smokey bars every weekend for the last upmteen years. And for a guy who bitched about smoke, pot was okay. Go figure.