Chinese Businesswoman Sentenced to Death

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    A Chinese businesswoman was sentenced to death Friday for cheating investors out of $56 million, in what has become the latest case in the country's struggle against widespread corruption.

    Wu Ying, 28, started out ten years ago with a single beauty salon but eventually built up a holding group, Bense Holdings, that was known around the country, according to China's state-run Xinhua News Agency.
  2. Businesswoman? Con-artist more like it.

    Madoff is lucky he ain't in China.
  3. Incredibly cut-and-dry justice system.
  4. she started her con when she was 18?
  5. What you want to give those who commit capital crimes a capital punishment, or only those who steal, say, a billion or more a capital punishment?
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    Wish we had 0.25% that amount of justice here, would be an impovement. e.g. execution for $14 billion conned. We would clip a number of wings of super cons.
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    *daydreams* If only it happened here :p

    Isn't it ironic that China who we constantly attack for being corrupt and communist have a better run government and economy than the majority of western countries put together? I don't think I'd necessarily want those scumbags who did the bailouts killed but a life sentence would certainly do it for me. Maybe if we went to old fashioned methods of hurling rotton vegetables at them too.
  8. Under the Chinese system...

    Would any politicians still be alive ? Or large bank CEOs ?
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    It would be one hell of a Ivy league pussy would want to land next to a murderer in prison, for something like cooking the books...
  10. Its rather ironic that the Chinese government is being heralded for being above board and equitable. China is well known for creating nothing and stealing everything. China is flooded with priated software that is available everywhere.

    I'm all for tougher sentencing of white collar criminals but like the joke that is the telovised burning of pirate software I suspect these persecutions are much the same.
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