Chinese Business Culture and Cheating Foreigners

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  1. I read something online about recently about Business Culture in China.

    They said it was okay for a businessman in China to cheat a foreigner because they are not Chinese. But it was wrong for them to cheat each other.

    There was a term for the behavior but I don't recall it.

    Has anyone else heard of this ?
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    Same as US, deal with an American company from abroad and see what fun you can have. B2B in USA never an issue, same from abroad and my company has sued a US supplier once and sent two others legal warnings in two years.

    Many business owners (who happen to be sociopaths) have an attitude that if they have the money and you can't reach them, screw you for being stupid. As was related to me by a (very white) & chuckling Texan guy "No dar papaya" after he had to pay up.

    Seeing you as rich and stupid or poor and stupid it makes no difference with a sociopath.

    DO NOT place a foreign to where you operate company in a position where they can screw you and get away with it. Short term benefit is usually too tempting.
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  3. China on the business level can be short sighted and only focused on immediate profit. There often is this barganing culture vibe like when you go to Chinatown to buy something from a vendor, they find it an artform to get as much money as they can from the sale, even if they have to cut corners and cheat.
  4. Sorry you had to deal with that.
    Most businessmen in the U.S are legitimate.

  5. Chinatown - San Francisco, New York ?

    I wish I could recall the term I saw.
    If I do, I'll post it, but it may take awhile.
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    Thanks however I'd have to disagree as America has the same percentage of sociopaths as other populations. Its all about whether there are enforceable consequences for bad behaviour.

    I learned years ago for example that once an American starts talking about his faith etc. there is a dirty deed coming. Always have the big stick visible. Whether your own lawyer or some national regulatory agency doing it for you.

  7. I don't know the term but I know the practice as I have dealt with China in business for years and noticed the same traits when hitting Chinatown in New York, D.C. and even Malaysia. Not disparaging the country or people but in business there is a repeated pattern of trying to game or nickle and dime since there are so many hands out looking to get their cut.

  8. I can understand that. But, I would rather give a man a fair price and in exchange he does a good job for me and does it right the first time.

    If someone treats me right, I'll go back to see them again.
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