Chinese Build 15 story hotel in 6 days, rest on 7th

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  1. There is also a project to build the world second tallest building: 4 months to fabricate in a factory and 2 months to assemble on site.
  2. The following day the construction crew was executed with their kidneys sold on the black market.
  3. Idiotic and sinister, happy victim of information warfare.
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    typical american hubris. not humorous.

    someone could draw inferences from this article and the wrong one.
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    Personally, I like something a little more substantial than a paper wall between my hotel room and the next.
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    What if Pamela Anderson was staying alone next door?
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    Book me, Dano! :D
  8. I agree on the third party testing, most americans nowdays all think like you, gone are the just do it attitude that made US great.

    If this were to happen in the USA, an environmental study has to be done first, followed by extensive urban planning drawings with difficult challenges like which intersection should have traffic lights, then the plans will be submitted to 8 different agencies and city governments for approval, those entities will then form a panel along with local resident inputs and protests on proposed plan, such as the impact of increased population on the local public transit system and whether or not the height of the building will fit with the envisioned town layout.

    Once all of that is done, the worker/union discussions begin, along with what percent jobs need to go to the local state.

    Then 3 years later and tens of millions already spent, when the project is finally ready to break ground, it is abruptly canceled due to lack of funding. While all the leeches in the government and our system walked away happy full of $$.

    ps pamela anderson is 40+ yearold hag with more artificial parts than the terminator. fail
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