China's stock 300431 is only $3, and it's going to rise

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    China's stock 300431 is only $3, and it's going to rise
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    Thanks, we'll get right on that.
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    Thanks 3XYZIOS. I'm sure you have our best interest in mind. Btw, I need you to buy some bitcoin for me to help drive up the price so that I can eventually sell at a higher price.
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  4. zdreg


    Market summary > Motic (Xiamen) Electric Group Co Ltd

    SHE: 300341 - Jan 19, 3:59 PM GMT+8
    6.56CNY0.02 (0.30%

    where does $3 come from
  5. I think he meant 300430 , a lot of chinese make that mistake
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    SHE:300341 - Jan 19,15:59 PM GMT + 8

    $ 3来自哪里[/ QUOTE]
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    So what is it... #300341... #300431 .. or #300430 ?

    This all is very confusing... what the comps name?
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    Ah.. I've got it... Boafeng Group... it's at CNY 22.50... which is USD 3.50...

    Maybe OP wants to elaborate on the how and why... we're not talking about crypto currencies here so I'm sure on this one we can actually get to some kind of valuation....
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    The company's influence in China is second only to Tencent, Netease, Sohu, Alibaba, I think the price should be at least 30 US dollars
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    You'll have to do better than that... P/E comparison? Debt levels... Market share comparison...

    Again.. this isn't bitcoin where 'I think that' is a seemingly valid way to do a fundamental analysis...
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