China's robot revolution has foreign firms on edge

Discussion in 'Economics' started by OddTrader, Aug 24, 2017.

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  2. JSOP


    I think the first people who are going to be on edge are their own Chinese people. 1.3 Billion people unemployed. Need I say more??!!
  3. Turveyd


    More and more automation, less and less jobs and in the uk the government penalise those who can't find work more and more all the time, not a rosey future at all is it for a children.

    World needs to adopt the Living Wage where we all get enough to live off, then you work for extra, so we get £1500 per month for doing sweet FA, then you work part time if you want another say £500 per month, part time meaning enough jobs going around that everyone can pretty much get a job.

  5. newwurldmn


    The Communist party's only real goal is to keep employment in china high. Unemployed people tend to start revolutions.
  7. JSOP


    Well how are you going to keep employment high when you have all the jobs done by robots?
  8. Producing industrial, domestic, road, flying and space robots, one generation after another, that the whole world need.
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    The Amish may be able to provide the answer ?
    In the countryside .
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    That's a conundrum.
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